If you've got a Makergear M2 you'll probably find this video a great guide to some major maintenance and fixes... if not... it'll probably cure your insomnia and put you to sleep in record time! Learn lots about the Makergear M2 fan mount, hot end, fuses and linear rail and carriage.

Here's an incredibly versatile mount for mounting anything with a standard camera thread onto our studio stand or any pipe. Why waste money on an expensive tripod when you can get better results for pennies. Check out the video for details


Save a hunk change by printing off your own socket or complete socket sets... you may not be able to build an airplane with this, but they should serve you well for most household and craft chores. Check out the vid for all the details

There's more to attaching a camera to a tripod than meets the eye. Check out the design challenge of a 3d printed camera fastener and learn how you can incorporate this mechanism in your own 3d printed designs. Watch the vid for all the details.