Having trouble levelling your printer with bits of paper and friction fit? Try this new and innovative approach using a cheap borescope and 3D printed mount to set the distance between your hot end and bed with incredible precision. Check out the video for all the facts... 

Our take on the venerable hobby knife... includes a safety cap and workstation... blades not included! :) Full details in the YouTube video.


Part 3 our our series takes a look at the PromptSmart teleprompter app for iPhones, iPads and Androids. If you need cue cards or a script, you can learn how easy it is to produce more professional looking videos with a teleprompter app.

Here's Part 2 in our continuing series on the 3d Printed YouTube studio showing how you can use your 3D printer to save you hundreds if not thousands of hours in creating a studio for making YouTube videos. In this instalment we present an easily printed holder and stand for your smartphone to start you on your way to creating professional videos at minimum cost.