I've started up a new YouTube channel focusing on beekeeping and 3d printing hives and beekeeping equipment. Here's some links.


A link to the channel:



Links to the first videos...





Here's another project for you puzzle fans... but if you don't know the secret it's devilishly hard! It's a variation on a classic disassembly puzzle that we call the "Celtic Knot & Cross"... check out the video for all the details!

Here's a fantastic accessory for your small to medium sized object painting needs. It's a geared turntable that will provide with you total control over your object's rotation as well as keeping your hands clean and out of the spray area. Simple to assemble and the parts are small enough that you can even print them off on a monoprice select mini! For all the details check out the vid

Putting in a home video security system? Creating cooking videos for YouTube and needing to mount a camera directly over your stove? If you've got need for mounting a camera on the ceiling or vertically on a wall, then you'll find this 3D Printed Wall & Ceiling Camera mount great for what ails you... or your camera. :) Check out the vid for complete details.